The world will soon witness another World Series; It will be a historical one. The season was shortened and started late. Ultimately two great teams will battle before a world audience. Players display their athletic talents while team leaders showcased their managerial skills and strategy. Baseball has become analytical. Baseball team owners and managers study statistics and use them to achieve better outcomes and bring victory to their team.

Along with all of the analytics and derived knowledge is to communicate it to the players. Because of this, communication and teaching are intriguing and vital to a team’s success. Players…

The arrogance of strength is a potent elixir. The intoxication of power is fearsome, and it so easily gets formed into a faux feeling of supremacy. In most cases, drunken brute force is downright ugly.

We all read stories where brash egos, the lust for power, the overconfidence of maligned supremacy brought down individuals and the companies they lead. Bad decision making is the root cause of the collapse — bad choices in marketing, purchasing, hiring and promoting. Relationships suffer, both within the organization and with the struggling customer base.

The excellent news, healthcare has come a long way. You would see your physician not too long ago because you became ill or your body was traumatized. Doctors, nurses, hospitals only focused on injury and illness. The one bright spot for seeing a doctor and ultimately going to the hospital was when a woman gave birth to a healthy infant.

You no doubt already know this great observation. Successful individuals possess excellent people skills. Those winning coaches, successful entrepreneurs, and talented artists include, along with their knowledge and skills, persuasive personalities.

Misconceptions, wrong beliefs, and poor attitudes affect many who believe that their lives remain stuck in a mediocre lifestyle. Nothing is further from the truth. Another sad view is that many feel they do not possess the resources, the ability, or the skills to develop their personality. Once again, another false belief.

How many times have others duped you? You felt betrayed, exploited, humiliated, belittled, or swindled. They left you feeling ostracized and hurt.

Think of those past events where relatives, friends, or work colleagues manipulate or mislead you. These people stole your money, infringed upon your time, destroyed your happiness, and shook your confidence. Studying and being observant of human ways can provide you the insight to prevent individuals from having power over you.

Have you ever had that deep down inside gut feeling that something is wrong with a particular person? Your suspicions run rampant. You think this person is…

Stuck on Time

Why is it that time is such a hangup for most everyone? The phrases and cliches’ abound. “Time is on my side.” “No time left for you (an old Guess Who song). “No Time to Die,” a film coming in 2021, “Time” magazine, time flies, in the nick of time, only time will tell, a waste of time, only time will tell, “I lost track of time,” I’ll have it in a jiffy, saving time, and I ran out of time, time’s up, and then there are a plethora of quotes too.

We feel the time pressures…

Everyone at some time has heard the expression, smell the roses. That is a good thing, but of course, someone has to tend to the roses too. Roses, in case you did not know, need a fair amount of attention to thrive.

Do remember too, Aesop’s fable, “The Grasshopper and the Ant?” The ants are working hard in the summer, collecting food, to be sure to have food for the winter ahead. The grasshopper meanwhile enjoys summer to the fullest. No concerns, no worries, only enjoying life. The grasshopper was out and about, singing and playing music to his heart’s…

In my years working in a pharmacy, two products stand as sales leaders, they are the proverbial glue that holds us together, and for many, they cannot live without either. What are these two valued products, these essential life entities for so many human beings? It’s Vicodin™ and duct tape!

Vicodin™, as many know, is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen for the treatment of moderate to moderately severe pain. Hydrocodone is one of the several drugs in a class known as opioids or narcotics.

It is the number one dispensed prescription in the United States.

Many have taken hydrocodone…

It’s a zero sum game when one trades in the commodities markets. One goes long, one goes short. As the price rises or falls, someone wins, someone loses. The sales representative competes for shelf space on the retailer’s shelf. It does not matter what kind of retailer; a hardware store, a grocery store, a pharmacy, a clothing store, or a pet store. It is a matter of getting your product on the shelf. If you are the winner to have your product on display to buy, someone else has lost. You make a commission dollar, and somebody loses a buck.

One thing for sure, we live in a complex world. It is now one crisis, issue, and event after another. The answers do not come easy, and the thoughts, decisions, and viewpoints vary a lot. Our reviews and decisions require thinking, specifically, critical thinking. The ability to think critically is vital to one’s success in all areas

Now is an excellent time to analyze one’s intellectual perseverance. If you prefer, stating it conversely, then one can explore intellectual laziness. What is intellectual perseverance? …

Brad G. Philbrick

Brad earned a B.S. degree in Pharmacy from North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND.

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