The world will soon witness another World Series; It will be a historical one. The season was shortened and started late. Ultimately two great teams will battle before a world audience. Players display their athletic talents while team leaders showcased their managerial skills and strategy. Baseball has become analytical. …

The arrogance of strength is a potent elixir. The intoxication of power is fearsome, and it so easily gets formed into a faux feeling of supremacy. In most cases, drunken brute force is downright ugly.

We all read stories where brash egos, the lust for power, the overconfidence of maligned…

Stuck on Time

Why is it that time is such a hangup for most everyone? The phrases and cliches’ abound. “Time is on my side.” “No time left for you (an old Guess Who song). “No Time to Die,” a film coming in 2021, “Time” magazine, time flies, in the…

In my years working in a pharmacy, two products stand as sales leaders, they are the proverbial glue that holds us together, and for many, they cannot live without either. What are these two valued products, these essential life entities for so many human beings? It’s Vicodin™ and duct tape!

Brad G. Philbrick

Brad earned a B.S. degree in Pharmacy from North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND.

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