Developing a Powerful Persuasive Personality

Brad G. Philbrick
4 min readDec 23, 2020

You no doubt already know this great observation. Successful individuals possess excellent people skills. Those winning coaches, successful entrepreneurs, and talented artists include, along with their knowledge and skills, persuasive personalities.

Misconceptions, wrong beliefs, and poor attitudes affect many who believe that their lives remain stuck in a mediocre lifestyle. Nothing is further from the truth. Another sad view is that many feel they do not possess the resources, the ability, or the skills to develop their personality. Once again, another false belief.

Good news! Everyone has the resources to begin a brighter life — a life where you have a positive force and influence on others. We hear many times that we are what we think about ourselves. Does it not make sense then that our personalities reflect what we think about others and how we feel about ourselves? Act like a grump, dour, and melancholy, and people will want to stay away.

Act pleasantly, display energy, show enthusiasm toward life, and show kindness to others, and people will respect you and draw to the positive influence you provide. When one appears fickle and wishy-washy, others find it challenging to follow your lead. Instead, being decisive and having command of your actions, people will give you proper respect. In the short story, your personality consists of what you say and what you do. Conversely, it is also what you do not say and do in your interactions with your fellow man.

Years ago, I read Treasure Island, written by the notable author, Robert Louis Stevenson. Interestingly, besides being credited as a literary genius is the respect he gained from others. Often too, Mr. Stevenson shared philosophical views. One can sum up his philosophy to be never satisfied by your actions and behaviors, but do not let mistakes in behavior bring you down. Always see life like education, life lessons, and as a way to grow. Living in this way assures that results will more often than not turn up positively and even better, things start to take care of themselves with a consequence that favors you.

Do the right things and harvest the right results. Often, we make life complicated, and often, it need not be that way. If you discontinue doing the wrong things, you will no longer get the incorrect outcomes. I learned through hard knocks and mistakes along the way to avoid and halt specific actions and attitudes. Abandon the following bad traits and see your ability to influence others to soar:

· Never let domineering people baffle you or bluff you

· Ignore “advice” from confused or ignorant friends

· Don’t let others condemn you for being you

· Don’t condemn yourself for being you

· Don’t believe that gentleness is a weakness; being meek is not weak

· Permit no one to tell you what you want from life. It’s your life!

· Don’t allow others to burden you to save them and save the world

· Don’t give in to excessive demands on your energy, especially if you are an introvert

· Don’t think you have to explain yourself to others; there is no need to be defensive

· Don’t allow another’s misfortune and misery to upset you

· Never joke with people who cannot conceive the point

· Waste no time in getting rid of unprofitable plans

· Waste no time in pioneering new ideas or methods of persuasion

· Don’t ever agree to an unfair relationship

· Don’t believe anyone has the power to trap, intimidate, or manipulate you. They don’t!

· Don’t feel guilty over a loved one’s mistakes

· Waste no time in stating your purposes to yourself

· Don’t ever believe that you cannot change circumstances. You can!

· Don’t underestimate your abilities to thrive and succeed

· Don’t believe others when they tell you that you cannot succeed

· Don’t pre-plan your social attitudes or what you plan to do at an event

· Don’t be afraid to love the loveable

Ponder on these points. Take some time to reflect upon them.

Remember that others likely possess pain points, tensions, and worries in their life. Often in abundance. Make it your life to live comfortably. Be that person who soothes, comforts, and relaxes others. Living your life in this way is going to make a welcomed and pleasing personality wherever you go.



Brad G. Philbrick

Brad earned a B.S. degree in Pharmacy from North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND.