Here’s to Your Health and Wealth

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Why do so many choose to ignore their health? Working as a pharmacist I see it in all walks of life, but some more than others.

Those professional that work exceedingly long hours choose to work through illness, choose work over rest, and work over exercise and a proper diet. Ironically, often it is healthcare colleagues who suffer the most from job burnout and take a brief time to tend to their health. They ignore warning signs. They lack rest, and their “cure” for fatigue is boxes of donuts and pastry from a local bakery for a sugar energy rush.

I know the world will always have the poor. The poor in wealth, weak in mind and body, and poor in spirit. They only do not know how to tend to their health properly. Sadly too, and in all candor, this group of individuals spends an enormous amount of time trying to survive.

Some have the knowledge and resources to better their health but neglect the time. Others have time, but neglect to be accountable and make an effort. The retail pharmacist (and physicians and nurses do too) observes these behaviors all the time. It is frustrating to the healthcare professional when they hear that all the patient wants is to take a pill. The magic bullet. The holy grail of health. Suggesting that they exercise and modify their diet along with the medication often elicits anger and harsh words for the one who is trying to help them.

Many years ago I heard an impactful sermon. To this day, I remember a powerful statement: “Why do so many worship their work, work at their play, and play at their worship.”

Think about this. We will put in long hours at our job and strive to excel. Not that there is anything wrong with hard work and dedication to one’s calling, but when you ignore your health, there is a problem. Then there are those who invest several hours at the gym, taking golf lessons from the pro and many hours with a ski instructor or a tennis coach. The hours of lessons and practice so that they may compete and excel in an athletic endeavor. The one area that is needed the most is often the most neglected. Our spiritual being.

We are also spiritual individuals who need to read, reflect, ponder, meditate, or pray. Creating awareness of our mental state yields to full knowledge of the body. This knowledge, in turn, provides energy, alertness, and stamina.

Begin now to listen to your body, be observant and then salute both your health and wealth!

Brad earned a B.S. degree in Pharmacy from North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND.

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