Plants have Awareness; Do You?

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It’s now autumn, and the dreams and plans of planting flowers, vegetables for the garden, and a few new flowering bushes stimulate my thoughts and aspirations for a new planting season next spring. Furthermore, it brings out my love of life science, especially an interest in botany and plant physiology. Sure, we enjoy the beauty and fragrance of flowers, while plants also provide us important nutrition. When researching flora and vegetation what you learn is amazing.

Peter Tompkins tells about an amazing finding in his book The Secret Life of Plants. Cleve Backster, a researcher, hooked up electrodes to a leaf on one of his plants. He connected the electrodes to a galvanometer, a device for measuring and detecting electrical currents. When Cleve started thinking of doing harm to the plant, the galvanometer recorded electrical events in vivid fashion. He and fellow researchers then tried this experiment with several other species of plants and fruits. The results were amazingly similar.

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Danny Chamovitz, a plant scientist, writes in his book, What a Plant Knows: A Field Guide to the Senses, that plants see, smell, and have a sense of feeling or touch. Plants too, lead a complex life.

The evidence is now compelling; plants have an awareness of their environment. More importantly plants respond to their environment. Research shows too, how plants and animals are all interconnected on this planet; we all share our lives together.

Learning this, I am then both confounded and concerned about our human nature. Why do so many humans lead lives with a lack of awareness? So many people in my observation are aloof, inattentive, and perhaps apathetic about life. They wander aimlessly in the grocery store, not noticing the gasoline pump shut off when at the filling station, not pulling ahead at the drive through bank or fast food. Why?

Wake up and smell the coffee; smell the roses, hear the birds chirp, the frogs croaking at night, come fully alert and enjoy and sense all that is going on around you!

Brad earned a B.S. degree in Pharmacy from North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND.

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