Self-awareness is the Springboard to Successful Living

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Why do so many of us find ourselves comparing ourselves to others and then believe we are not measuring up? Why do we feel that life is unfair, colleagues cheat, and bosses are cruel? Why do we lose respect for our talents, intelligence, and abilities? Why do we find others expect too much and we expect so little from us? What are we doing that we lose self-respect?

Being the individuals that we are and the multitude of environments where we reside, the answers come in a large heterogeneous mix. Ponder these questions:

· Does the success of others overwhelm you and bring on feelings of jealousy?

· Are we easily intimidated by others or let them bully us?

· Do we let failures of the past haunt us and bring reason for no longer trying?

· Is perfectionism causing us to expect too much from ourselves?

· Is there a steadily increasing need to seek the approval of others?

· Have we lost our wit and sense of humor?

· Are we putting on a mask of humility covering a lack of confidence so as to avoid responsibility?

· Do we like to sensationalize events and not keep things in proper proportion?

One does not need to ponder this; the best way to build our self-image is to take action. Instead of avoiding responsibility or an opportunity for growth, jump in. Become aware of the skills and knowledge that you already have. Create confidence in your ability, get fired up and have a passion for your work responsibilities, hobby, sports, relationships and life and focus on those things that matter.

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Work to become more aware of your thoughts, your accomplishments, your challenges, and even a new identity. You may find yourself redefining your nature. Your beliefs may change. Some views will serve you, and others do not. You may discover that previous actions are counterproductive.

Don’t be surprised when working on our self-awareness that you see something in a new and different way. You see the light, witness a personal epiphany, become part of a paradigm shift, it’s an aha moment. What is even more dramatic you will find life can be simpler, not more challenging.

You dispose of the interference and the different protocol and begin to shine with the knowledge and talents that you already possess. You will find ways to improve your own performance while enhancing the performance of others.

Self-awareness and taking action is a dynamic springboard for a successful life.

Brad earned a B.S. degree in Pharmacy from North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND.

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