What Do You Do in Your Spare Time?

Brad G. Philbrick
3 min readNov 13, 2020

What are individuals doing in their free time? Perhaps many do not think of this question as a relevant one or that it has any importance. What one does in her or his spare time, I believe speaks volumes about one’s goals, attitude, and initiative.

I am not going to provide some sort of statistical report and list the numbers of hobbies and sports but to shed some light on what perceive is the continuation of a trend and more evidence of a society that is becoming increasingly recluse.

The number of coin collectors and those collecting stamps as a hobby has dramatically decreased over the years. Some go so far as to say that they are dead hobbies now. Model railroading is primarily a hobby of aging baby boomers, younger people are not attracted to the hobby beyond Thomas the Train and Brio wooden layouts. Modeling of any kind is in a state of decline.

Owners of One design sailboats were attending regattas and local club meets has significantly diminished. It takes practice and dedication to become a good sailor. Sail boating, in general, is seeing a decline. Golf clubs are now struggling to attract new members and keep the ones they have. Rounds of golf played is on the decline. It was a golf pro and general manager of a country club that told me it is not just the money it is the time commitment of four hours to play a round of eighteen holes that is turning players away.

Several not for profit organizations struggle to find volunteers. There is much help needed in these organizations that provide disaster relief, education, funds for research on several diseases, and providing food for the downtrodden.

Baby boomers have wised up and are no longer burning the candle at both ends they once did. Generation Xers and Millenials saw their parents, the Baby Boomers work long hours and they do not. The answer then is not toiling dreadfully long hours where there would be little spare time. So it is evident, there is extra time.

Are we being consumed by the internet? Are we all playing numerous games on our computers? Struggling to keep up with all of the social media? Connecting with friends, reading the news, and yes, that includes reading this blog! Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, but if we are spending all of our free time away from work being in a silo consumed by our many electronic devices, then I’d say there is a problem in mission control.

Is it becoming a concern that individuals now would rather be entertained by only watching someone else? Is there a lack of desire to participate, be creative, to put forth an effort, to be dedicated to a cause?

So again, what are you doing in your spare time?



Brad G. Philbrick

Brad earned a B.S. degree in Pharmacy from North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND.